Flavia Agnes

Lawyer and Women's Rights Activist in India

Contrast ‘pre-nups’ with a conditional ‘nikahnama’

Most Muslim women are unaware of their right to stipulate conditions in their nikahnama. Since marriage is viewed as a civil contract, there are instances of scholars, and intellectuals drafting nikahnamas on their own accord, to protect the rights of... Continue Reading →

Will a stringent anti-trafficking law really protect women?

Trafficking under this bill also includes begging, domestic work, farm or factory work. Despite opposition to it by various groups working with sex workers, Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi was able to push this bill through... Continue Reading →

Will new anti-trafficking Bill help?

The focus is more on the victims rather than the perpetrators of the crime IN a recent newspaper article titled, ‘Why I pushed for passage of the anti-trafficking Bill’, Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi offered a... Continue Reading →

India’s Church – Mired in controversies

The matter is serious and needs to be investigated thoroughly, beyond the political rhetoric. The Church in India is facing some serious challenges, both external and internal. At one end is the shocking news of “missing babies” from an adoption... Continue Reading →

Darul Qaza row: A storm in a teacup

Despite this, the judgment is quoted totally out of contest to buttress the arguments of those opposing the Darul Qaza. Sylvia Vatuk says that Darul Qazas follow a procedure similar to a civil court of receiving applications in writing, giving... Continue Reading →

India has no reason to retain its archaic adultery law – but will the Supreme Court strike it down?

Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code merely protects male privilege within marriage, not the sanctity of marriage. The Supreme Court is currently gripped with issues around sex and sexuality – the right to same-sex relationships, prohibition on the entry... Continue Reading →

Section 377 needs to go: A ‘Victorian relic’ has no place in today’s India

[Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalises homosexuality and prescribes a life term in jail for gay sex.] The most positive development in this case this time is that the Centre, in its reply filed before the court in... Continue Reading →

A scoreboard of judicial accountability

On the one hand, Anita Gets Bail tracks the brilliance of our judiciary, while on the other it lays bare its clay feet. Veteran lawyer and jurist Fali S. Nariman made a valuable comment at the launch of Arun Shourie’s... Continue Reading →

From violators to protectors: Role of police is changing in some rape cases

It is in the context that I find the need to narrate this horrific incident of gangrape in Mumbai, which is known as the “ragpicker” case. During the Kathua gangrape-murder incident while the lawyers at the Jammu Bar Association played... Continue Reading →

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